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Welcome to my website --  its been a while since my last update and I apologise for that -- Well its a new year and so far things are looking good . The ebay store is up and has almost 400 items in it , with tons more planned . Not planning on setting up at many conventions this year and just focusing on online sales , thats not saying I wont be going to cons though .

And check out the CGC Boards for some of the best comic discussion there is !!!

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Dealing in Comic Books and Collectables for over 25 years !!!
We buy and sell comics ,vintage star wars and other collectables . If you are within a few hours of the Nashville area contact us to discuss your items you wish to sell . If you have bulk comics i can take them off your hands .

I just started a blog --- its not much but who knows what it might become --link below

Family at Disneyworld in March 2010 !!!

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